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The Society Voice Foundation for Community and Civil Work (SVF) is a non-profit-making, non-governmental and non-partisan organisation founded in 2001 in the Gaza Strip. It aims to empower the Palestinian civil society through a series of community actions.

We were thrilled to be offered the chance to partner with SVF, not only because of the import work it carries out, but also because the Founder and Director, Ibrahim Natil, is one of our scholarship programme alumni. The project we supported, ‘Empowering Women in Gaza’, set out to build the leadership capacity and knowledge of 90 young women, aged 18-25, in social and political participation, legislation and democratic governance. Along with training them in the key principles of political participation and women’s rights, the project also gave them the chance to put their newly acquired skills into practice. With our support SVF worked with 10 women’s centres to develop a series of community networks and campaigning initiatives. Today, with four offices in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, SVF continues to expand its operations in the Palestinian territories to contribute to the development of the Palestinian society and its social change agenda.

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