Attendees of the television and radio programmes course at the MBI Media Institute, Sana’a, Yemen.  The course trainer Aref Al-Sermi is in the centre with MBI Media Centre Director Abdullah Ghorab.
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Sana'a, Yemen, 09/09/2014

Successful course at the MBI Al Jaber Media Institute, Yemen concludes.

The MBI Al Jaber Media Institute concluded at its headquarters in Sana'a another training course on the topic of "Television and Radio Talk-Show Programmes." The course was specially designed for 23 undergraduate Yemeni media students from various local colleges.

During the three-day training course, the trainees received theoretical knowledge and practical training in professional standards and skills relevant to Talk-Shows Programmes on Radio and Television. Attendees were taught by the Radio and TV Talk-Shows host Aref Al-Sermi. The training programme was designed to help the trainees acquire the necessary professional skills for hosting Radio and TV Talk-Shows.

During the past couple of weeks, the MBI Al Jaber Media Institute also concluded two other training programmes in “TV Filming Skills”, with 34 video camera trainees in attendance. This is the tenth training course to be carried out by the MBI Al Jaber Media Institute in Sana'a, a subsidiary of the MBI Al Jaber Foundation.

The MBI Al Jaber Media Institute provides free of charge training under an official license granted by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Yemen. For the past two decades, the MBI Al Jaber Foundation has supported a significant number of projects in the UK and around the world relating to education, free media, and good governance along with other activities that serve to build bridges between the West and the Arab world.

The MBI Al Jaber Media Institute in Yemen is an independent, privately funded institution, which trains journalists, students, teachers, trainers and citizens in all aspects of media. It seeks to bring attention to the cause of journalists in Yemen, where in the past they have faced the threat of violence and imprisonment. For more information click here

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