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Our work is based around five core values. These define who we are, how we work and where we are going in the future.


We believe that every life – regardless of nationality, background or gender – has equal value; and that everyone should have the freedom and opportunity to shape their own destiny. We promote inclusivity in all we do and will continue to work towards breaking down the barriers between the people of the Middle East and the wider world.


We believe that individuals can - and do - make a difference. We also believe that by forging meaningful bonds with organisations and people that share our vision, we can work hard together in achieving our shared goals.


We pride ourselves on maintaining an active and long-term relationship with our partners. We do not walk away from the challenges we face or the grants we bestow; and we have made it our mission to ensure our employees and stakeholders are constantly striving to make vital contributions to the world we live in.


We promote openness; operating to the highest standards, with the utmost integrity and accountability.  We are honest in all our dealings. With us, there will never be any strings attached, and we will always take responsibility for our actions. We work hard to embed the principles of good governance in all that we do, especially with our partners and our growing alumni.


We champion free speech and the power of the spoken word. We believe in show, not tell; driving real action and letting the results speak for themselves. It is not enough just to connect cultures – we must do so with a purpose and perseverance that empowers individuals, communities, countries and regions.



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